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Born and still alive.


In 1968, when Russian tanks were rolling into Czechoslovakia, Yuri’s status as a “summer student” in London England was amended to “refugee”. A year later he chanced to walk by the Canadian consulate which looked friendly and welcoming and so, with dreams of freedom and opportunity, Dojc eventually landed in Toronto with $ 6.00 in his pocket.

Three decades later, Dojc has become a major player on the photographic stage. Yuri’s clients are distinguished ad agencies and designers throughout North America. He is celebrated for his bold, dramatic commercial work, his whimsical American Dreams series and his sensitive black and white personal studies, a collection of which is published in a book, Marble Woman. When L’espresso, an Italian magazine, decided to create a series of books called Eros e Fotografia, they selected Yuri as one of the artists along with Robert Mapplethorpe, David Lachapelle, Man Ray, and Bill Brandt.

Yuri is a popular juror and speaker at international photographic events. His fine art posters and prints grace the walls of private collectors and galleries around the world including a collection at the Canadian Contemporary Museum of Photography in Ottawa.


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