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Apple is running a profile of me in the Hot News section of their website. The story gives a pretty good overview of how I use Apple's computers and related technology for my photographic pursuits. Here's a snippet:

His studio workspace is in a renovated turn of the century Coach House, behind but physically separate from his mid-town Toronto home and office. They are connected, though. The PowerBook and two other Apple G4s he uses — one a desktop, one a Cube — are hooked up using a gigabit network, and Apple’s AirPort and now AirPort Express Wireless.

The rest of the article, called Mastering the Digital Image, is here.

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New Lights

The lights i was testing other day looks like LCD monitor. It is coolest thing in lighting.
Modeling light is florescent , daylight balance. It's not yet on market but you can see it on web:

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