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Which one is the mayor of Toronto?


The one on the left is more to the the right, and one on the right is more to the left.

On Monday, I attended the the gala opening of the Destination Toronto photo exhibit, where I ran into David Miller, Mayor of Toronto, who also came to see the show.

The pictures for Destination Toronto were taken last summer, by members of PhotoSensitive, to show that Toronto made it through the SARS crisis and is once again alive and thriving in all its diversity and glory.

PhotoSensitive, which I belong to, is a Canadian collective of professional photographers who's goals are to raise awareness and educated the public on social issues.

The Destination Toronto exhibit is now open to the public in the Allen Lambert Galleria, BCE Place, Toronto. and runs until Feb. 14, 2004.

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Just,because somebody shakes your hand,it means he is fine?

Posted by: Mel Lastman at Feb 5, 2004 1:26:09 PM

Hi Yuri

I was doing a search of Toronto photographers and I came across your web site and in doing so it rekindled my passion for photography. Around 5 years ago Toronto students got a chance to work with Kodak the Toronto star in an effort to promote the services offered by the United Way. I gained a lot during that summer due to the gaudiness I received from Toronto photographers like you. I have a lot of memories with the pictures I took expressing how I felt. I would love to see those pictures again although I’m not sure where the negatives would be considering they were the property of Kodak if I’m not mistaken. What I also wanted to know is looking at your work it has a high quality similar to medium format. I wanted to know if your making that shift towards digital photography?


Sarang Solhdoost

Posted by: Sarang at Feb 22, 2004 1:03:23 PM

Except that the World still doesn't know our SARS crisis is long over.

Most of the hotels in Toronto continue to be half empty.

Posted by: escorts at Feb 27, 2004 2:10:04 PM